Who We Are

Welcome to Chichester City Colts Football Club (CCCFC), a cherished institution in our community for over four decades.


Established in 1977 and situated in the heart of the Cathedral City of Chichester, nestled within the scenic landscapes of West Sussex, CCCFC stands as a beacon of grassroots football. Our Mini Teams (U7s – U10s) and Junior Teams (U11s – U16s) offer a nurturing environment for young athletes to discover and develop their passion for the game.


Operated entirely by dedicated volunteers, CCCFC sustains its activities through various channels, including annual memberships, sponsorships, and engaging in mini tournaments. These efforts ensure that every child, regardless of background or ability, has access to high-quality coaching, training facilities, and opportunities to participate in the sport they love.


At CCCFC, we believe in more than just kicking a ball around. Our core values of Respect, Fun, and Inclusivity guide everything we do, fostering a culture where every player feels valued, supported, and encouraged to reach their full potential. We prioritise the well-being and safety of our members, adhering to The Football Association’s Safeguarding Children – Policy and Procedures.


We understand that children’s football is about more than just winning; it’s about learning, growing, and building lifelong skills both on and off the pitch. That’s why, at CCCFC, we emphasise the importance of sportsmanship, teamwork, and personal development, ensuring that every child’s football journey is filled with joy, camaraderie, and meaningful experiences.


Join us at Chichester City Colts Football Club, where the love of the game is contagious, and every child is given the opportunity to shine.

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